The Nigerian born British designer Duro Olowu spent his early years in an environment that embraced international culture, art, style, and music and he was inspired by the eclectic mix of fabrics, textures and draping techniques of the clothing worn by the women that surrounded him.  In 2004, Olowu launched his first eponymous womenswear label and since then he continues to show his much-lauded collections feature ever evolving, original and dynamic fabric juxtapositions in prints of his own design; transforming his sharply tailored or fluid silhouettes into the stylish, timeless signature pieces he is known for.

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The collection is joyful and confident, made for women who are endlessly curious. Bold stripes, romantic florals and striking geometric prints are spliced together; azure blue, hot pink and orange evoke a sense of wanderlust.

Tailoring, dresses, and shirts are intricately cut yet easy to wear. Designed to be effortlessly and instinctively mixed together, they encourage the wearer to stylishly express their individuality.

‘The collection is designed for a woman, who travels in her head, via her wardrobe. I imagine her feeling confident and emotionally attached to the pieces so that they become keepsakes‘.

2 800x768 MAX&Co.

' For me people and places are linked by colour. The name comes from that

incredible and inspiring combination of exciting colours all around one,

when on an unforgettable trip for work or for pleasure.‘


Olowu takes inspiration from the work of Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri. ‘My collection for MAX&Co. is inspired by artist Luigi Ghirri's beautifully poetic, dreamy, colourful and vivid photographs of Italy in the 1970s and 1980s,’ says Olowu.

‘I imagined the artist extending his travels to other parts of the world like Bamako in Mali and Dakar in Senegal, to capture with his camera the same powerful and captivating sunburnt colour images and vivid moments as he did in Italy.'

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